Vieux marc de Bourgogne 45° View full size

Vieux marc de Bourgogne 45°

  • Appellation : Marc de Bourgogne
  • Vintage : Non millésimé

Marc de Bourgogne is made by distilling the solid parts (troncs, pips, skins) stemmed from the pressing of white grapes after the harvest. Carefully distilled, it is aged for a long time in oak barrels where it gets its roundness and finesse, while conserving its very characteristic aromatic notes that makes its reputation.

  • Keeping period (in good conditions): 2013-2020
  • Service temperature: 18 to 20°C

Food & wine matching examples:
To share with friends after a good meal in front of a chimney looking at the stocks burning. If you don’t have stocks, this spirit may also be a good way to warm you up.

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