For History lovers, we can point out the different owners of the Château:

 In 1270, Jean de CRUX and in the 14th century, J. de CHAISSAIGNE
 In 1385, J. Damas
 In 1408, Hugues de CHASSAGNE, adviser of the King
 In 1577, the De la Boutière family purchased "la Seigneurie de CHASSAGNE" from the descendants of François de FERRIERES
 In 1706, Charles de la Boutière had his only girl, Marguerite, married with Jean-François Antoine de CLERMONT MONTOISON
 In 1710, he made his son-in-law the sole legatee of all its properties.

During the French Revolution, the Château and its estate, planted with vines, were auctioned to the citizen LESPAGNOL then resold in pieces.
The north wing has been extended by a home building.
The south wing has been destroyed and replaced by a winery.

During the second part of the 19th century, Mr. and Mrs MASSON DUBOIS, wine-merchants, have all pieced together.
Mr. Charles MIMEUR acquired in 1919, from the MASSON DUBOIS family, the vines of the Château, a part of the north wing and its cellars, and the winery of the Château de Chassagne-Montrachet.


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