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Vinification and ageing for white wines

On arrival at the winery, white grapes are carefully dumped on an elevator which drives them in a leading-edge pneumatic press. After a small twelve-hour decantation into vats, the juice is put by gravity into the oak casks of the cellar, under the winery.

The wine of different vineyard sectors is individually treated in different casks. Casks are made from the BEST OAKS and partially renewed (about 20% each year). So that there is the very best marriage quality between the oak and the vintage.
The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations follow each other naturally. The casks are topped-up to compensate every week for the evaporation. This process is called “l’ouillage”.

The wine is regularly tasted, analysed, surveyed and gently aerated (by slow transfer from one cask to another) to obtain the maximum expression of quality on your table. The resulting wines from different “cuvées” of the same appellation are blended to obtain the quality and taste that satisfy our customers. The wine will mature in oak casks during 10 to 14 months before bottling.

Usually, regional Burgundy wines are matured in vats. At BADER MIMEUR’s, they are matured in oak casks.


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