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The harvest

Since 1919, all our vines have been hand-harvested, even the regional appellations.
The grape-pickers are fed and housed in the Domaine in order to get a qualified and faithful team.

Everything starts two weeks before the approximate date. Samples of the grapes from all the parcels are analyzed.
This analysis will give the exact order in which the parcels will be harvested and the date of the very first cutting (usually, around September 20th).

Hand-Harvest is done in buckets. The boxes (“hottes”) that collect the buckets are emptied with caution in small-high cases, especially designed to avoid the crush of the grapes and therefore, a premature oxidation of the juice.
Cases are carefully stacked on a trailer that lead them to the winery every hour.
Pinot Noir is harvested early in the morning to put fresh grapes in the fermentation vats.

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