Vine & Winegrowing

The vine produces world renowned white wines, thanks to the celebrated MONTRACHET.
This vineyard has given the villages of CHASSAGNE and PULIGNY a name evocative of PLEASURE with their association to MONTRACHET from the 18th century.
Indeed, these two villages share this famous vine that produces 30 000 bottles a year of an EXCEPTIONAL and WORLDWIDE appreciated white wine.
To illustrate the renown of the MONTRACHET, let’s report to an extract from DANGUY and AUBERTIN’s book (1892) about the Great Burgundy Wines:
“This amazing white wine is the first rank of the Burgundy white wines, as Château Yquem is the top rank of Bordeaux white wines. Let’s the palm indecisive between the two, say the enthusiastics, just let’s notice that these two are the FIRST RANK WHITE WINES OF THE WORLD.”

The WINEGROWING is the main activity of the village (about 350 hectares). The vines are mostly low (1 meter), planted at a density of 9000 to 10 000 vines per hectare. This high density enables to reduce the production of each vine and get a more delicate, expressive and aromatic wine.

The GRAPES VARIETALS in the village are mainly CHARDONNAY, PINOT NOIR, but also ALIGOTE.


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